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Link Free Drawing Lab at the Art Institute of Houston
I heard that this place has a free drawing lab on Tuesdays. 4140 Southwest Freeway Tuesdays 6-9pm 4-8 people usually show up
Link Fake News and Visual Rhetoric (Mostly Visual Rhetoric) 20 Nov 2019
Link Database Slide Show for Nov 20, 2019
Link CRWP: Sample Source Entry
Link Spider Web Discussions
Use the spider webs method to improve class discussions! Equity Maps is an Ipad app that is useful for this practice.
Link Baroque Video Assignment: The Age of Invention
Please watch the video and answer the assigned questions in complete sentences.
Link Rock Assignment: Jimi Hendrix
This is a condensed documentary on the life of Jimi Hendrix. Your assignment is to summarize the video in 1-2 pages. I would advise you to take your work to the writing center to have it corrected before turning it in. This is due on Wednesday November 20.
Link Expository Essay Info. #2
Link Expository Essay Info. #1
Link Writing Do's and Don't's #1 Prezi
Link D source code Help with How to Use the Verb "Would"
Link Perfect and Progressive Verbs in Past, Present, & Future (Have, Had, Will Have / Is, Were, Will / Had been, Have been, Will have been)
Link Works Cited Page: Visual Tool
This website has a great visual set of instructions for completing your works cited page correctly.
Link object code Acrostic Poem Intro
Link Writing Do's and Don't's #1 Prezi
Link OpenStax College Algebra Textbook
A free College Algebra textbook to view online or download
Link Basic Medical Signs
Link Instructor and Course Evaluation - ELGS3 Link
Link How to Write A Book Review
Tips of Writing A Good Book Review