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Link Désirée’s Baby
Click on "EPUB (with images)" or "EPUB (no images)"--this will download a full text. In the table of contents, scroll until you find "DESIREE'S BABY" (pg. 7). Double-click on the title ("DESIREE'S BABY")--it will take you to the short story and read pgs. 374-386.
Link The Story of An Hour
Link Grammarly - For the Written Word
Do you want to make sure that you are writing correctly? Do you want to make sure that your spelling, grammar, and punctuation are correct? Do you want to make sure that you are writing in complete sentences? Me too! Grammarly is the answer and it is free for the basic service. Why not do yourself a favor and take a few minutes to download Grammarly for Windows or Macs. You'll be pleased with the difference it makes in your written work and so will your faculty.
Link About Writing: A Guide
A guide to writing an essay. Most important: a basic grammar guide, starting on p. 69.
Link Concert Etiquette and Report Information
A description of concert etiquette and information on what to write and how to approach composing a concert report.
Link Best Practices for Attribution
How to attribute the source of openly licensed content, from Creative Commons.
Link chemical/x-isostar Columbia Fair Use Checklist
Provides a handy reference for testing whether your use of copyrighted materials is protected by fair use.
Link ODS spreadsheet Regular-Expressions on Steriods
The premier resource for Regular Expressions
Link Launchpad access
Good evening students, The link is active, so you can now access the lab portion.
Link Superbowl Predictions
Link McDonalds Fries article
Link McDonalds Fries article
Link ECMAScript program “What We Can Learn From ‘S-Hole Countries’” Nicholas Kristof, 1.17.18, The New York Times
Link application/x-msdos-program “THE LEFT'S DIRTY LITTLE SECRET ..." Ann Coulter, 1.17.18,
Link application/x-msdos-program “Of Course Most Immigrants Come from SH Countries. So What?” Nick Gillespie, 1.12.18,
Link Chapter 3
Link Why Everyone Should Take an English Class in College
Link The Necklace
Link Three Sisters by Anton Chekov
Link application/x-internet-signup ASL Story Cleaning Chitlins