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Link HIT link
Link The respiratory system
This link will take you to an online textbook.
Link Blood Vessels
This link will take you to an online textbook. I read a few chapters on my phone, this tool is handy and portable.
Link Lymphatic system
This link is an online textbook. I read a few chapters on my phone using this link, its portable and handy.
Link D source code Lucid Stead
Link House Intelligence to hire money-laundering experts to chase Trump financial trail
Democrats at the House Intelligence Committee are seeking to hire money-laundering and forensic accounting experts to investigate President Trump’s financial dealings, according to a new report.
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Link INRW 0410 LaunchPad Solo Access Link TTh 10-11:50a 10359 Spring 2019
Dear Students, My online course is open for student registration. Follow these steps to get started. If you need additional guidance, consult the support site, especially the system requirements which list recommended browsers. Go to Bookmark the page to make it easy to return to (although note that the URL will look different due to security measures). Enroll in this course using one of the following options: If you have an access code, select "I have a student access code", enter the code exactly as it appears on the card, and click Submit. If you don't have an access code, either purchase a text package that includes one OR click "I want to purchase access" and follow the instructions. If you need to start working but can't purchase right away, select "I want temporary access" and follow the instructions. Please note: Your grades are linked to your Launchpad account username (email address). If you use temporary access, make sure you purchase or register your code using the same email address for your paid access. If you have problems registering, purchasing, or logging in, please contact Customer Support. You can reach a representative 7 days a week: through the online form by chat by phone at (800) 936-6899. Always use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for the best resolutions. Internet Explorer is not always compatible with the software. For additional assistance on how to understand the purpose of LaunchPad Solo, copy and paste the YouTube link in a new url:
Link I Want a Wife
Link Population Genetics: Using the Hardy-Weinberg Equations Tutorial
Link Spring DC Questionnaire
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Use the tab to view: Academic Calendar, Final Exam Schedule, Holiday Calendar, and Events at HCC
Link C header McGraw-Hill Connect Math
Link text/texmacs Additional Practice Worksheets
This link is to give you additional information and practice over decimals please work out carefully and practice then check your answers on the last few pages.
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