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Link The Poetry of Lord Byron
Link text/texmacs The Poetry of John Keats
Link Excerpt from Emma by Jane Austen
Link "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Link Songs of Innocence and Experience by William Blake
Link Pascal source code Sheila Jackson Lee internship (US Congress, Texas District 18)
This comprehensive internship program is designed to expose students to the inner-workings of a Congressional Campaign. Interns will receive hands-on experience in areas like canvassing, phone banking, organizing, data entry, and volunteer coordination. Interns will work directly under the supervision of the Campaign Chairman, Coordinator, and Field Organizer. Interns will contribute to each of the critical areas of the campaign including, Finance, Data, Field, Operations, and Political activities. Email '' with any questions. Click here to apply:
Use this link to access upcoming events at various HCC locations
Link C++ source code Philosophy at HCC
Link Troff document Martin Luther King, "The Drum Major Instinct," Sermon Delivered at Ebenezer Baptist Church
Link ECMAScript program Fix Tests and Chapter Notes Files
Link D source code Change Due Dates in LaunchPad
Link Import Your EDUC 1300 Course From the Commons
Link D source code Extend Due Dates & Set Grace Periods in LaunchPad
Link Change Files or Assignments (Fix Broken links)
Link Copy Your Own Canvas Course into Another Blank Course Shell
Link Change the Syllabus
Link Customize Your EDUC 1300 Canvas Course
Link helpful study link
helpful study link,easy to understand simple chemistry concepts.
Link Troff document What Luddites Really Fought Against
Image of Luddites Destroying a Machine
Link C source code Where are the instructions for managing our accounts and processes for attendance and grade submission, etc.?
Katherine Fields sent this to all ARTS adjuncts on 1/9/20, but the attachments are relevant to FT ARTS faculty as well.