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Link About The Instructor
Link ECMAScript program Adept Word Management - Transcription Services
Link Engrade - Grade Tracking Website
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Link Other Sociology Blogs
Link The Social Lens
Link ECMAScript program Contexts: Sociological Images
Link Everyday Sociology Blog
Link 7.0 earthquake in Haiti
Violent shaking affected Haiti Jan 12. This is the largest earthquake on record for this area. Looks like it was a left-lateral fault event. Very very destructive.
Link text/texmacs Tagged Links to current events
My account of interesting and important current geologic events.
Link Troff document HCC Southwest Physical Sciences Dept.
Our department page on LearningWeb
Link HCC student e-mail information
All students and faculty have e-mail addresses. You should check yours for communication from your professors and the administration. You should also be able to set up that email to forward to another personal email address for easier access.
Link HCC coupon to the Houston Museum of Natural Science
Discount to HMNS for HCC students, staff and faculty. Click the link, password is "dino". Print this coupon for discount admissions to the Houston Museum of Natural Science.
Link ECMAScript program HCC Star Parties
Join astronomy enthusiasts and gaze through the telescopes. All star parties begin at about 7:00 p.m. with solar observing. Stargazing begins at dusk, and continues until about 10:00 p.m. All HCC students, faculty, and staff are invited to attend, as well as anyone who would like to come along with them.
Link Ask Online
FREE! On-line tutoring for HCC students. Log-in with your W number.
Link HCC Bookstore
HCC bookstores are run by Barnes and Noble. Call the bookstore to find out their hours - each different store might have different hours. Have the CRN (course number) of each class ready to search for the books to order/reserve on-line.
Link application/x-maker HCCS Student Handbook
Please refer to this document when you have questions about the campus policies, services, and systems. Attendance, withdraw, and grade information is in the "academic info" link.
Link text/texmacs HCC Scholarships for Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Students
Ever consider getting your degree in Science? need some $$ for your education?
Link SW Campus open computer labs
Wanna know where the computer labs are? and when they are open?
Link chemical/x-mdl-rdfile Eagle Online
Eagle Online is the internet interface for all web enhanced, hybrid and distance education courses. Here you will find course materials, announcements, and is the preferred way to communicate with Prof. Yip.