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Link Troff document Human Genome Project
Official site of the Human Genome Research Institute of the NIH (National Institutes of health). These are the people that led the HGP (Human Genome Project). Includes genetics fact sheets, talking glossary, genetics and the law, and ethics. Lots of educational resources on genomics, including animations.
Link European Molecular Biology Laboratory
The - older - European version of the NCBI. Home of the EBI (European Bioinformatics Institute) at Good place to start looking for European science policy. The EBI site also includes FlyBase with ImageBrowse, so you can see what mutations look like.
Link National Center for Biotechnology Information
Home of Entrez, THE American gateway to all the major databases of DNA, RNA, and protein sequences, genomes, Mendelian Genetics info (OMIM), STSs, SNPs, etc., etc., etc... Also houses bioinformatics tools such as BLAST (Basic Local Alignment Sequence Tool), so you can work with the data you retrieve. Unbelievably vast and interlinked, including to literature databases such as PubMed. Be sure to check out the "Bookshelf" of biomedical books which can be accessed FREE online. For those of you budding Biochemists, it even includes Stryer's Biochemistry text! Also take a look at "Coffee Break" with fun, short science articles, and "Genes and Diseases".
Link Ask a Librarian
The online librarians can help you with: •finding sources of information for a paper or presentation •citing your sources properly so that you don’t plagiarize accidentally •finding excellent articles by using the HCC Library databases from home and more
Link Online Tutoring
Ask Online
Link Reality Check
How much money do you need to make in order to live the lifestyle you want to lead?
Link Top Picked Majors vs. Top Paying Majors
Find out what most students choose as majors and what majors are the most lucrative.
Link Grade Calculator
Find out what your grade is in your class thus far.
Link Python Source Microscopy
Link Microscope
Parts and functions of microscopes
Link Virtual Gram Staining
Online gram staining technique
Link Gram Staining
Gram Staining echniques, applications, and identification of bacteria
Link BibTeX document Easy Bib
Link Transitioning to college
Link Government information online
Link Library Copyright net spinner
Link Worldwide Panoramas
Offers 360 degree panoramas from various locations around the world
Link PS document Strange Maps
A site dedicated to unusual and intriguing maps
Link Citrix ICA settings file Roadside America
An online guide to decidedly offbeat tourist attractions, including some in the Houston area
Link Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection
An outstanding collection of maps housed at the University of Texas library