Recent Links

Link object code How to use a Micropipet (Video)
Link Step-by-Step Micropipet Procedure
Link x-conference/x-cooltalk Online Dialing Practice
Beware we do NOT have 200-1000ul P1000 pipets. Ours are 100-1000ul instead.
Link Gel Electrophoresis Animation
Link Gel Electrophoresis Animation
Link IMPACT Sequencing Project Web Site
Go here for background info and data. Be sure to look for applicable videos and animations.
Link Basic Math for Microbiology - Explanation of Semi-Log
Scroll down to where it says "The Use of Semi-Logarithmic Graph Paper".
Link application/x-maker Alexander Graham Bell's Notebook
What do you know! He already followed today's rules!
Link chemical/x-pdb Start Here: Monty Python Sample Experiment (Video)
Monty Python's famous dead parrot skit. No parrots were harmed in the making of this skit :-) Beware that ideally, controls should have been included.
Link chemical/x-pdb The Most Important Biotech Gene is about to go Off-Patent (Chances are, you've consumed this gene!)
Chances are, you've consumed this gene!
Link D source code District Court Rules Myriad Patents Invalid (BRCA gene test)
Link ECMAScript program HGP Leader Warns against Attempts to Patent Genes
Link J. Craig Venter's "Watermarks" Controversy
Link J. Craig Venter: On The Verge of Creating Artificial Life (YouTube)
With good graphics.
Link J. Craig Venter unveils "Synthetic Life"
Link Cows and Shakespeare
"It saves us having to book rehearsal space and the farmer’s very pleased to get more milk."
Link Indel Mutation Animation
Link Meiosis: Linked Genes with Crossover vs. Linked Genes with No Crossover
Link chemical/x-pdb Meiosis: Unlinked Genes (Independent Assortment)
Link object code Meiosis Animation (BioStudio)