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Link Citrix ICA settings file Artist-Blacksmiths of North America
Link Art Jewelry Forum
Link American Craft Council
Link Haskell source code Society of American Silversmiths
Link Haskell source code Society of North American Goldsmiths
Link Reactive Metals
Good source for Mokume-gane sheet.
Link Hauser & Miller
Supplier of metals
Link ECMAScript program Rio Grande Jewelry Suppies
Tools, metal, findings, and stones.
Link Indian Jewelers Supply
Tools, metal and findings
Link Otto Frei
Jewelry tool site with great specials
Link object code Allcraft Jewelry Supply Co.
Great supplier of jewelry tools.
Link object code Jemco
Local Houston, Texas supplier of jewelry tools and materials.
Link Student Website
Link chemical/x-molconn-Z Enfold Systems Solutions: The Learning Web
Enfold Systems, a Plone solutions provider, now offers customization, support and hosting for institutions who are interested in using the Learning Web.
Link Tar archive Youtube El verbo ESTAR
Link text/texmacs Chapter PowerPoints
Link Reviews
Link Understanding Research Papers (Tongue-in-Cheek!)
Link Biochemistry in 3D (Restriction Digest, MHC Molecules, Lac Repressor etc.)
Link Reading for Quiz Feb15/16: Bertrand Russell, "The Value of Philosophy"