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Link QuickTime video Cathode Rays (mov file)
View the animation here if the above website is unavailable. File size: 6 MB.
Link Cathode Rays (website)
This QuickTime animation shows the effect of electric and magnetic fields on the path of the beam inside the cathode ray tube. In 1887, J. J. Thomson interpreted these results as evidence that cathode rays consist of negatively-charged particles we now know as electrons. Thanks to Melinda (CHEM 1411 '05) for finding this link!
Link Paul Kelter's Lab Demos (website)
From the University of Illinois Chemistry Learning Center.
Link QuickTime video Dissolution of NaCl in Water (mov file)
Same animation as above, except in QuickTime MOV format, 721 KB.
Link AVI video Dissolution of NaCl in Water (avi file)
The process of dissolving NaCl in water, shown at the molecular level. AVI format with audio, 4.49 MB.
Link Course Resources on SW College Psychology Department Homepage
Link ECMAScript program SW College Psychology Department Homepage with Resources
Link Psyc 2301 Resources on SW College Psychology Homepage
Link SW College Psychology Department Homepage
Link Psychology Department Homepage with Psyc 2301 Resources
This page contains the Student Supplementary Handbook with Final Exam Objectives, Psyc 2301 Workbook, APA Style Reference, PowerPoints, and many other useful references.
Link Troff document Biology Careers and Job Searches Starting Point
By Ray L. Winstead, Indiana University of Pennsylvania.
Link D source code Physics World
Physics news, jobs, and resources. From, formerly
Link Physics Careers
Get ready for the real world!
Link American Geological Institute
More geology career information. Go to the "Geotimes' Careers Page" link to read articles written by geoscientists about their work.
Link ECMAScript program Careers in the Geosciences
Includes links to informative web sites, an FAQ, an online video, and more.
Link Careers in Geology
An introduction to the field of geology as a career.
Link Sloan Career Cornerstone Center
"The Sloan Career Cornerstone Center is an ever-expanding resource center for anyone interested in exploring career opportunities in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, computing, and medicine."
Link What Can I do With a Degree in Chemistry? (and many other degrees)
From the Portland State University Career Center. Scroll down to "Internet Sites with Career-Related Information for Chemistry Majors" for some useful links.
Link object code Chemistry Careers - What can you do with a degree in chemistry?
From the American Chemical Society. "Interviews with chemists working in different areas and includes information on educational requirements, employment outlook, salaries, and the skills needed to pursue a career goal in each area."
Link Houston Chronicle