Recent Links

Link text/texmacs The British take on electronics parts. Some unique electronics parts!
Link text/texmacs An electronics parts supplier that sometimes has good deals on electronics parts and products.
Link object code Provides some electronics parts and hardware, through its sub-venders! Lots of books on electronics, too!
Link text/texmacs This site has some parts numbers for parts used in the MOTM kits.
Link Has most of the electronics parts you will ever need in DIY, electronics work.
Link Troff document Electronics parts house. Has some parts that Mouser doesn't!
Link ECMAScript program DIY site; has various electronics parts, for decent prices.
Link Store with lots of electronic music instruments and tons of guitar-type pedals.
Link For the more serious DIY'er!
Link text/texmacs Has complete schematics available for all his projects.
Link PS document Has reasonably priced DIY kits for some very good preamps
Link Synthesizer and Guitar Effects DIY.
Link The Bridechamber, 'synth module' page shows an excellent overview of DIY projects. Some of the projects are advanced. Long wait times, though ...
Link C source code One of the first manufacturers to offer modular synthesizer systems as kits. Paia is renown for their kits and for adherence to the DIY ethic.
Link RealAudio document Very nicely designed synth modules from the U.K., available in kit form
Link Offers full kits, with decent instructions
Link text/texmacs Synthesis Technology, or MOTM, offers "bare bones kits"--
Link Probably the best collection of links for modular synthesizer manufacturers.
Link A GREAT Frequency Shifter Project and More
Link D source code Schematics from the "Nikola Tesla" of the modular synthesizer world