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Link Bald cap in a snap tutorial
Bald cap in a snap tutorial
Link application/cap How to apply a bald cap
How to apply a bald cap
Link Toulmin Model, Classic (Without Rebuttal): Maude Barlow "Where Has All the Water Gone?"
While Barlow's piece doesn't precisely follow the classical model (because of its lack of rebuttal), she constructs a strong structure here in defense of her claim. Note how she follows point (or grounds) after point (or grounds) with continually infused information to support the claim and specific topic per paragraph. Again, where this deviates from the traditional model is in its lack of rebuttal (concession and refutation of the most likely objection to her claim which would be: we are not running out of water).
Link Rogerian Model: Stephanos Bibas "The Truth about Mass Incarceration"
Per the Rogerian model, Bibas identifies two clear opposing sides. He looks at the the most likely objection/rebuttal/concession to incarceration practices/perspectives (addressing the liberal or left viewpoint). Once he analyzes these and pinpoints logical errors in that approach, he moves onto the other side--the conservative or right-leaning viewpoint. Here, he analyzes the conservatives' arguments and shows the weaknesses of them. In conclusion, he points out the flaws in both sides and aims to arrive at a solution.
Link Troff document Toulmin Model, Aggressor: Katha Pollitt "Adam and Steve Together at Last"
Note the classical style here: Pollitt looks first at the likely objections to her claim (the concessions/rebuttals) and then systemically refutes each one. Following, she addresses other key points in support of her claim and then ends on the toughest of rebuttals to her claim which she also refutes.
Link chemical/x-molconn-Z Virtual Drosophila Lab
use to create a dihybrid cross between females (Long wings, Sepia eyes) and males (Apterous, Red eyes) add this data to your class Lab counts of F2s.
Link ECMAScript program Special effects how to match dark skin tones
Special effects how to match dark skin tones
Link Troff document Special Effects Cut vs Bloody cut
Special Effects Cut vs Bloody cut
Link How to do basic FX cuts (3 ways)
How to do basic FX cuts (3 ways)
Link Famous Trials Website
Link RealAudio document Student Interviews for Z-Degree Program
Link Revit and BIM 8 Sessions
Revit and BIM 8 Sessions
Link A Brief Introduction to Lightroom
A Post By: Andrew S. Gibson
Link chemical/x-molconn-Z EXAM REVIEWS ON MyMathLab
Link Classifier Story
Link Free Tutoring Services at HCC (In person and Online)
Free tutoring! Two requirements: (1) You must be a current HCC student. (2) The course you need help with is the one in which you are currently enrolled at HCC. If you are a dual credit English student, you cannot receive tutoring for a high school course.
Link Expressing Needs
Link Giving Directions
Link ECMAScript program Residences