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Link Active Reading I
Link Link to Barn Burning
Link Purdue Owl & The Five Elements of The Rhetorical Situation
Link Purdue Owl & Aristotle's Elements of The Rhetorical Situation
Link C header Surprise Sandwich
For Thursday 1/24 (possible quiz)
Link ODS template I hate shots
Link RealAudio document The Winning Worm
Link ECMAScript program Dependent Clauses in Complex Sentences
Link Troff document Mastering Chemistry course with your CourseID in it
When you register/sign in you'll see your Chemistry 1412 course (CHEM 1412) listed. The CourseID is fajuyigbe44758
Link object code Safety Video
Link Anatomy & Physiology I Laboratory Study Page
Link Free student versions of AutoDesk software
Use this link to download AutoCad to your personal computers
Link Adobe Lightroom CC - Edit, manage and share photos
You can use all the capture, organization, and sharing features in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC for mobile for free. You can also use most of the editing features for free.
Link object code Safety video
Link rational expressions
n/0 (no) 0/k (okay)
Link 10 Photo Assignments to Inspire and Challenge Your Skills
Link Five Self Assignments That Teach You To See
Digital Photography Assignment
Link text/texmacs Creative Cloud tutorials for students
(check out the photoshop tutorials here)
Link Photoshop tutorials
60 top-class Photoshop tutorials to try
Link Student portrait photos are now available in Canvas
Download images to work with in photoshop