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Link Childcare Financial Assistance from Worksource Solutions
If you are seeking financial assistance for childcare, view the qualifications by following this link and you may be eligible without any wait time.
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Link Troff document HCC Monday Night Big Band Spring 2019 concert
HCC Monday Night Big Band, guest artist Larry Ham, director Dr. Woody Witt
Link US History - My YouTube Channel
Link Event Request Link (Fall 2019)
Link ECMAScript program Immigration Services
Link ECMAScript program Childcare services
PLEASE NOTE: If you are already receiving Medicaid or SNAP, you may qualify for child care assistance WITHOUT the wait time.
Link ECMAScript program Support Services
Link VCS/ICS calendar Healthcare - free clinics
Link RealAudio document Harris County Assistance Program
Link ECMAScript program Help for financial emergencies
Link Upswing: HCC online tutoring (formerly askonline)
Link D source code Paid Poll Workers Wanted!
In an effort to recruit Election Day poll workers, including bilingual English and Spanish, Vietnamese, and Chinese speakers and high school students, for the upcoming November 5, 2019 Joint General and Special Elections, the Harris County Clerk’s Elections Division is once again launching the Step up to Serve campaign. Poll workers are the backbone of Harris County elections. Working at a polling location during an election is a unique opportunity for citizens to step up and serve their neighbors as a PAID poll worker to help ensure access to the voting process. From September 3 through September 27, the #StepUpToServe social media campaign will target students and civic-minded voters with the goal of recruiting at least 800 new Election Day poll workers. For more information and to apply, see the hyperlink:
Link Q+A with Artist Bennie Flores Ansell Mar 10, 2017
We sat down to talk about the digitalizing of photography, high heels, flying fish, looking with two eyes, air plants, and the journeys we’ve all made to get where we are today.
Link Women and Their Work Exhibit 2000
Bennie Flores Ansell | I 2K-Imelda 2000 Thu Jun 22, 2000 - Sat Jul 29, 2000 Bennie Flores Ansell has created a unique photographic installation titled I 2K- Imelda 2000, after the show’s largest work, a huge swarm of 2000 shoe-butterflies. Ansell has photographed the most outrageous, colorful, exotic, and torturous sets of high-heeled shoes that she can find. The shoes have been placed directly on a scanner for maximum, if flattened, realistic rendering on transparent plastic.
Link Professor Ansell's Public Art Piece at The University of Houston
Bennie Flores Ansell (Filipino, b. 1967) NEMO, 2002 Digital color photograph, wood and glass collection boxes, and police patches; Photograph: 48 x 60 inches, collection boxes: 16 x 20 inches
Link Financial and life surpport servies around Houston
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