Contact Members of the U.S. Government

Contacting members of government individually can be a powerful act of participation. Don't be intimidated to think that you do not know enough to do so. Having taken this government class, you already know enough and your knowledge is fresh and more current! Most people never contact any member of government, so your effect is greater than you might think. It's one thing to sign a petition or a form letter online, but actually sending an individual letter is very effective.

Call members of Congress at the U.S. Capitol Switchboard:  (202) 224-3121

You will be able to leave a brief message, such as support of a position or a bill being considered.
Be sure to say that you are a "constituent" if you live in this representative's district or this senator's state.

You can find specific information, such as e-mail accounts at:
U.S. House of Representatives:
U.S. Senate:
There is a search engine there to find your representative:

To write a hard copy letter (very effective if you write it yourself rather than sign a form letter) to your members of Congress:
Type the letter neatly, proof it for spelling and grammar, be polite, get to your point quickly, and be sure to write that you are a "constituent" (and an active voter if you are) if you live in this representative's district or this senator's state.

The Honorable ________________            The Honorable ________________
 United States Senate                                  United States House of Representatives
 Washington DC 20510                                Washington DC 20515

Call or write the President:

President Donald Trump
The White House
 Washington, DC 20500
 (202) 456-1111