Karen Yip

Karen Yip

  • Southwest College
  • Natural Sciences
  • Stafford Scarcella Center
  • 713-718-6781
  • karen.yip@hccs.edu



Hi! Hello!

I am Karen Yip, Geology Program Coordinator and Instructor. Feel free to contact me about the GEOL courses offered at HCC and the A.S. Geology degree offered! You can major in Geology at HCC and launch fully prepared to a Geology/Geoscience bachelor degree program. More about the Geology Program at  Houston Community College.


Teaching Schedule, Fall 2018

GEOL 1403 - Physical Geology  CRN 16907

GEOL 1301 - Earth Science I CRN 20900


Teaching Schedule, Spring 2018

GEOL 1345 - Oceanography  CRN 59532

GEOL 1305 - Environmental Science (online) CRN 62849 & 62855




Tutoring Schedule for Geology  




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